Let’s Be Friends

It’s the Christmas season and one of my most favorite things about this season is how, as a society, we hold each other to a higher level of kindness. If we watch TV and listen to the radio, we can hear and see  it EVERYWHERE! Its the season of perpetual hope. When someones rude we … More Let’s Be Friends

She Turned 13

When Abigail Jean Sawyer arrived, our lives were forever changed. She fills us with such joy and excitement every day. She is by far, and without exaggeration, the most confident young women we have ever met. In July she turned 13 and I thought to myself, “my God how did that happen”? It left me … More She Turned 13

You’ve Got This

On a fairly regular basis, I am unnerved by how often I can’t seem to pause and reflect before reacting. There is nothing quite like being a mom to consistently expose that in us. Like all of us, we can resort to reviewing our daily “momologue “by being hard on ourselves or thinking we are terrible at … More You’ve Got This

You might go to Tarshish too…

Every time life-altering change hits my life I have the same reaction. Just irritated. Not delighted or super pumped. Irritated. I’ve even been known to dread vacation (don’t judge me). This response to change did not happen with marriage, kids, or the macaroons at the Sugar Philly food truck,(http://www.sugarphillytruck.com/) but everything else that has attempted … More You might go to Tarshish too…

Jump in with me

I figured I’d start a conversation about how life seems to impact me and see how many other people I could, on a more personal level, learn from their story. I hope you’ll share and chat about what I think matters most to each of us; why we are here? Let’s get started Stefenie